New Moon Taurus May 2023

New Moon Taurus on Friday May 19 at noon EST

Each month when the moon goes dark, we get a new opportunity to set intentions. It’s a day to plant a new seed for what you want to manifest in your life. 

The theme for this New Moon in Taurus is ‘building for the long term’. 

The recent eclipse in Pluto carried the theme of endings, death and rebirth, embracing our wounds and shadows. On a personal note, my dog Skyler – best friend and beloved companion of 15 years died during this time. I had forgotten just how intensely painful loss is. Life is very different now. The theme of ‘letting go of the past’ is real life right now, and it’s hard. This was what the eclipse in Pluto presented in my life. Perhaps you have gone through some deep change or loss in your life as well?

This New Moon is an opportunity to reflect on what you want to create for your life. 

Things are moving very quickly these days. Can you feel it? There is an inherent feeling of allowing the past to die and being present with the chaos that brings. It is like the liminal period when the caterpillar moves into the chrysalis stage – the chaotic stage of development and transformation – before it emerges as something completely new and beautiful. A metamorpasis from something that crawls into something that flutters – transcendence.

The theme for this New Moon in Taurus is ‘building for the long term’.


And so it is with each of us. We are in a time between 2 levels of consciousness. The past and the future. What we choose in the present defines our journey though it. The present is the only real thing we have. Trusting our selves and our lives is the key to bridging this time of chaos – to balancing our minds. Balancing our Left (thinking or masculine) brain and Right (loving or feminine) brain is the bridge to sanity, to being whole. Allow the process of Birthing the New by allowing the process of death. Trust in the healing energies supporting us all now during this time of evolutionary transformation.

Get into the river of Life. Allow. See who else is in there with you. Don’t grasp at branches out of fear. Trust. Stay connected to Earth, to nature. Seek community, fellow warriors on the path. Nature has a solution to everything. Trust in that.

As you contemplate your intentions this New Moon, know that there are 2 realities existing at the same time, this is the natural phase of chaos. We are still (barely) in the choice point. Will you give in to fear? Or will you choose love and trust? What will you build for the long term?

Sending you love and healing.