Welcome. This is My Offering.

I am not your doctor. I am not your therapist. I am not your counselor. 

This is my work. These are conversations and storytellings about things I know about. I might change my mind as I gather more information. I might change my mind on principal. I might change my mind and not tell you when I do. So, not written in stone.

Mission Statement: Think for yourself. Don’t follow the herd. Unplug from the chaos so you can think and feel. And remember. 

Motto: When in doubt choose love but don’t be afraid to cut a bitch.

Who am I? I guess you’ll find out over time by reading my work. Just like when you meet a person in real life. That’s what I’m like. 

I know how to help people. Mostly because I’ve dusted off after getting my ass whooped by life. More times than I can count. And yes, I devour books. Learned from masters. And have become a master myself. 

I have helped people, for money, for 19 years (as of today). So, I’ve got some creds to back that up. I am perfect? Hell no.

And that’s because a gift is left behind after every challenge. The trick is to be able to grab it while it’s there. 

So. Since I know how to help people I figured I’d pay it forward and share in my way. 

This is my offering. May it be helpful. May it serve those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. And may it build bridges throughout the glorious multiverse we live in. And so it is.



All roads leads somewhere and so far mine has gotten me here

    • BA, University of Florida
    • BS, Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine
    • MS, Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine
    • NCCAOM Certified
    • Licensed Healthcare Practitioner
    • Life
    • Jayne Littleton
    • Efrain Korngold
    • Deborah Betts
    • Kiko Matsumoto
    • Dr Fudi
    • Esther Hicks
    • Dr Wayne Dyer
    • 19 years in private practice
    • C2© Fertility Creator
    • T2© Transformation Creator
    • Herbal Medicine Practitioner
    • Fertility Specialist
    • Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Depression
    • Substance Abuse / Addiction


  • New Moon Taurus May 2023

    New Moon Taurus May 2023

    New Moon in Taurus on May 19th at noon EST. Intention setting: What are you building for the long term? read more

  • Initiation


    Conversation introducing the themes of ascension, humanity’s core wounds, and the increased energetic frequencies affecting all on Earth today. read more

  • Causation


    Still, Living water. Toss a coin in. CAUSATION. Choose. And choose again. Remain. Still, Living water. This is the Path. Choosing. Becoming. Being. Only in Choosing does One become. Always renewing. Always Becoming. read more

  • Equanimity – the Superpower Of Calm

    Equanimity – the Superpower Of Calm

    The calm does not come from separation or indifference.  The calm comes from knowing that all is One. read more

  • Perfection and the End of Happiness

    Doing something, anything, where you put yourself out there is a risk. Whether it’s a creative venture like art or writing, a relationship, or a sales call, there is always a chance for rejection. And no one likes rejection. Sometimes in order to avoid or prevent being rejected we strive to be perfect.  Of course,… read more

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