Category: Mindset

  • Causation


    Still, Living water. Toss a coin in. CAUSATION. Choose. And choose again. Remain. Still, Living water. This is the Path. Choosing. Becoming. Being. Only in Choosing does One become. Always renewing. Always Becoming.

  • Equanimity – the Superpower Of Calm

    Equanimity – the Superpower Of Calm

    The calm does not come from separation or indifference.  The calm comes from knowing that all is One.

  • Contagion of the Negative Mindset

    How is it that some people go through their day in a good mood, and others collect experiences, moment by moment, to add to their bucket of daily complaints? After hearing a friend of mine complain about all of the things wrong with their life, the stress, not having time, all the things to be…

  • Weathering the Storm

    I’ll share a really great suggestion I’ve taken to heart lately. It’s super simple. Works in daily activities and during challenging times. Keeps your head together when you feel pulled in a million directions.  Maybe you’ve heard it a million times before in different ways. It makes sense, especially after coming up empty doing ‘it’…

  • Perfection and the End of Happiness

    Doing something, anything, where you put yourself out there is a risk. Whether it’s a creative venture like art or writing, a relationship, or a sales call, there is always a chance for rejection. And no one likes rejection. Sometimes in order to avoid or prevent being rejected we strive to be perfect.  Of course,…