Author: Valerie L Lopez

  • New Moon Taurus May 2023

    New Moon Taurus May 2023

    New Moon in Taurus on May 19th at noon EST. Intention setting: What are you building for the long term?

  • Initiation


    Conversation introducing the themes of ascension, humanity’s core wounds, and the increased energetic frequencies affecting all on Earth today.

  • Causation


    Still, Living water. Toss a coin in. CAUSATION. Choose. And choose again. Remain. Still, Living water. This is the Path. Choosing. Becoming. Being. Only in Choosing does One become. Always renewing. Always Becoming.

  • Equanimity – the Superpower Of Calm

    Equanimity – the Superpower Of Calm

    The calm does not come from separation or indifference.  The calm comes from knowing that all is One.

  • Saturn and Pluto – Era of Transformation

    Saturn and Pluto – Era of Transformation

    In March 2023, Saturn and Pluto change astrological houses, ushering in an era of Human Transformation.

  • PGD Testing for BRCA Gene Mutations

    Benefits of Specialized PGD / Embryo Genetic Testing for BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 Gene Mutations – Fertility / Infertility

  • Contagion of the Negative Mindset

    How is it that some people go through their day in a good mood, and others collect experiences, moment by moment, to add to their bucket of daily complaints? After hearing a friend of mine complain about all of the things wrong with their life, the stress, not having time, all the things to be…

  • Weathering the Storm

    I’ll share a really great suggestion I’ve taken to heart lately. It’s super simple. Works in daily activities and during challenging times. Keeps your head together when you feel pulled in a million directions.  Maybe you’ve heard it a million times before in different ways. It makes sense, especially after coming up empty doing ‘it’…

  • Perfection and the End of Happiness

    Doing something, anything, where you put yourself out there is a risk. Whether it’s a creative venture like art or writing, a relationship, or a sales call, there is always a chance for rejection. And no one likes rejection. Sometimes in order to avoid or prevent being rejected we strive to be perfect.  Of course,…

  • Natural Childbirth vs C-Section Delivery

    Delivering a baby is not a medical emergency. Giving birth to a child does not require surgical intervention. Humans have been giving birth for thousands of years, sometimes in homes, fields, trains, and the back seat of taxi cabs. Regular people like family members, neighbors, and firefighters have stepped in to assist at the moment…